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To Find a Job, Go Where the Recruiters Are

March 22, 2010

Originally found on Yahoo hot jobs.

You’ve updated your resume, posted it on five different job boards, and committed to scouring the Internet and responding to relevant listings within 24 hours. You’ve done what it takes, right?

Actually, you’ve barely gotten started. CareerXRoads’ recently released ninth annual Source of Hire Study shows that the job-search process has changed dramatically over the past few years. Today’s job seekers must be quick and flexible to succeed. Keep these things in mind:

Expect the job market to expand in 2010.
Although growth will vary by sector, the trend for reductions in new hires appears to be at an end, with 48% of the HR professionals surveyed by CareerXRoads indicating that they would be making more new hires in 2010 than in 2009. So if you’re serious about making 2010 the year you find your ideal position, create a balanced job-search strategy now.

Your online profile matters more than ever.
Recruiters haven’t quite figured out how to use social media, but expect to see more social media initiatives getting funded as the economy improves in 2010. What does your online profile say about you? Career-management sites that provide you with a professional home on the Web can allow you to share not only your skills and expertise, but also your specific interests and what you’re looking for in a new company. Far more effective than a Facebook or LinkedIn page, these career profiles announce your commitment to your long-term professional success, and they give prospective recruiters everything they need to know about you and your career aspirations.

Job boards are only one way to achieve long-term success–and it’s best to stick with the ones you know best.
Today’s job seeker has access to literally dozens of job sites, from mass-access boards to subscription-based services. Of these, the major boards remain by far the most popular among recruiters. The sample group of recruiters polled by CareerXRoads indicated that hires attributed to job boards represented 13.2% of external hires in 2009, so it’s important to also look to recruiting methods that result in more specifically qualified job candidates.

It’s not just about knowledge–it’s also about people. is a career-management site that works not only with job seekers but also with company recruiters and headhunting firms who are constantly on the lookout for referrals. The CareerXRoads study verifies that this is a growing trend. Among its polled sample, referrals made up 26.7% of all external hires in 2009–by far the largest source of hires, as well the most efficient, with the yield for referrals resulting in one hire for every 15 referrals. Networking, both in-person and online, will help you build strong contacts that can result in one of these coveted referrals.

Nervous about networking? You shouldn’t be. Effective networking isn’t about selling yourself. Rather, it’s about building relationships in which you provide assistance as frequently as you receive it. If you approach your networking effort as a way to help others, you’ll find it much easier to reach out.